Above is a tattoo designed by Daniel.  The word alongside each element (below) is what he used to describe them. This maze resided around his left 18” bicep.

People would marvel at the detail in Daniel’s tattoos.  He was very proud not only of the tattoo itself, but the detail, definition and intention of them.  Just describing them you could hear and see the pride and honor he carried with them. 

Daniel embodied all four elements. His spontaneity, goofy and playful nature (boy) was infectious and incredibly fun to witness and join. When taking time for personal reflection or if someone needed consoling or mentoring, he was there, knowing exactly what to say and was skilled at how to guide and inspire (muse). He was constantly aware of the importance words, actions and feelings belong to the core of anything and everything; attention to these details was a trait Daniel was very thoughtful at honoring and talented at executing (intention).  At one point or another, we all have experiences that we attribute as a “sign” and we all have an inner voice; if you’re open to receiving either of these, they can be helpful in guiding you (intuition). 

As the maze was around his bicep, it was designed to be endless. The meaning is that these four elements are present and their relationships should be constantly revisited. This process of constant reflection provides the challenge to evolve throughout your life. The placement of this tattoo on his bicep, a prominent muscle on his body, was intentional as well. It symbolized the need for this “muscle” (body, mind, spirit) in attaining your goals in life. 

The honor to yourself; living your life with full intention and maintaining high standards while also being inclusive of everyone and everything around you. This is the legacy Daniel has left.  And what we hope will continue to inspire!